Delivery Time: 1-2 Working Days

Price: $ 14.375

Verification available -- No
Permanent unlock -- Yes
● Only NCK and MCK unlock code will be provided.
● Use SAMSUNG CHECK CARRIER INFO before ordering and make sure it doesn't show Carrier: *Country* Open.
● Don't submit Region Locked phone (Means you will get NCK: 000000) (No Refund)
● Don't submit Factory unlocked phone (Means you will get NCK: 000000) (No Refund)
● Don't submit, if device is not request for unlock code (No Refund)
Note: Codes are directly from Samsung Database, if carrier changed original codes there is not refund. No refund for any reason, if code not work. Please don't submit if you don't accept provider rules.

Australia, Japan, Philippines, UAE, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, ETC All Supported

There are 2 ways to insert the unlock code:

1. Insert an unaccepted SIM card – One that's not from the network your phone is locked to and Turn the phone ON
2. Your Samsung will ask for the Network lock code 
3. Enter your unlock code (Network/NCK) and it will say Successfully Unlocked and will now be permanently unlocked and ready for use with any GSM network in the World!

Note: If unlock fails insert MCK/Unfreeze and after Network/NCK. If that also not work do a hard reset and repeat step 3.

Or if you don't yet have a simcard from another network you can enter the unlock code like this:

1. Turn the phone on - go to the dial screen - type #7465625*638*#
2. A screen will pop up saying "enter network lock control key"
3. Enter your the 8 digit Unlock Code we provided and press ENTER! 

You will get the message Successfully Unlocked